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               Hello! by:Adele. I'm Nila, it's not my first time to write on the blog. I've been started to be blogger after i passed my elementary school, if  I remember it, all the articles was about music, and i wrote some tone about the song that I heard from my star or my idol and I've got the tone if I play the piano, i mean "pianika", struggle with struggle the kids like me, it's just the one instrument that I can play on that time. Then, If you ask me about my passion, oh it's all about music, that's why i interested with music since I was 4 years old. 
Don't forget to visit my sc I think on this time I'm back and writing is one of my way to make my feeling better, haha maybe. it's sound like i'm moody, i like to got all the goody, but I don't know why I feel so lonely(?) haha Am I right on saying? Oh, no. I don't know, it is all in my mind. 

          Hello the readers, I decided to write again! it's because actually I want to make some memories, some experiences, bring all the moments,  and share the knowledge. Fyi, share the knowledge, it's one of important thing that I have to do, Yap, actually some months later I will get the national exam because now I was grade twelve or 3 in senior high school. oh hardworking to get the best score. Fighting! Maybe, this way will be the bridge to get all my dreams come true. If not doing this now, when else? it's being worse if I'm late. 

                                                                        *MY DREAM*

               Dream, it's not the simple thing, sometimes our motivation comes if we can imagine who are we in the future. Dream, it's not easy to get our dreams come true, it's not like REVERSE THE HANDS, oh it's need our hardworking and pray. If you ask me about my dream, I wanna be an engineer. I know its dream is the dream of many boy. haha but why not for the girl? this era is emancipation of women. I always dream, with that I can make the people around me happy, specially my mother and my father. I always dream that I can explore the world with my job, and catch my passion, hm it's like the passion that i can't do it before because the situation. All of you have many dreams, I just want to say being the strong people, catch your dream although you get the failure many times but don't give up, try it, try it, and try it again. if you get down, you have to try to stand and stay by yourself. FAILURES ARE THE PART OF LIFE, IF YOU DON'T FAIL, YOU DON'T LEARN, IF YOU DON'T LEARN, YOU'LL NEVER CHANGE.

Okay guys, let's doing positive thing,  All about me will continue. This is just for the first as the began of all the thing. So don't forget to read all my articles, I've planed to make the structural article. 

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